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Shelter Amsterdam

De club Shelter in Amsterdam opende haar deuren voor ADE in oktober 2016.


4-punt hoorngeladen systeem; bestaande uit 2x EVO-6SH – 10″/1,4″ mid-hoog + F215mk2 – 2×15″ laag in elke hoek
Sub: 4x F221, dubbel 21″

De rest van de zaal aangevuld met:

2x RES 2SH, 8″/1″ mid-hoog fill bij de bar
2x F1201, fullrange 12″/1″ fill voor ruimte onder verlaagd plafond
2x F101, fullrange 10″/1″ als fill achter de PA, naast de DJ
1x F55, fullrange 2×5″ bij de toiletten
3x F55, fullrange 2×5″ in de rookruimte
1x F81, fullrange 8″/1″ FOH monitor

PSM318 monitor in de DJ-booth

Alle speakers aangestuurd door:

Full Fat Audio versterkers en NST Audio ID-48 DSP’s.
4x FFA 6004
1x FFA 4004
5x FFA 10.000
5x NST ID-48 DSP

Ook in de media is er aandacht voor de Shelter:

“From the start, Funktion-One was a serious contender for us. The brand has had years of experience in the club scene, and has the specific sound spectrum that we desired from a professional audio system. The other brands we had tested in the months prior came nowhere near the quality of this set-up. This wasn’t just our opinion, by the way, everybody that we had asked to come and test the system said it too. DJs, producers and other industry insiders all gave the same answer: this was the system that would facilitate the best possible sound inside these four walls.”

Groove – Funktion-One “Sound doesn’t exist, only the truth”

Na het interview met Tony Andrews volgt een special feature met hoofdtechnicus Bróna Lynch over de installatie in de Shelter. “The idea was to deviate from the usual frontal sound used in many clubs and instead to create a “sound bubble” distributed over the whole dance floor. I wanted to use the space more, for our customers to have as good an audio experience at the back of the dance floor as at the front.”

Website Shelter:

Foto’s van Timo Steenvoorden

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